Membership Options

Every club member will have the ability to vote in club meetings which we plan on hosting at least every even number month.  We will be releasing a potential schedule of events soon!

How to become a member

There are a few ways you can become a club member:

  • Use the website to sign up (below)
  • At the Titan Disc Golf shop
  • At the Cedar Rapids PDGA league on Monday nights

The 2023 Club Membership dues are only $25

You have a voice

The club works closely with the local government and park agencies to improve the conditions of disc golf in the area.  As a entity that represents the community, the club can help make movements in disc golf scene locally that a single individual cannot.  We want feedback from all every local disc golfer in the area in order to understand the collective needs and desires of the community.

Big issues will be brought to meetings for voting… and only club members are able to vote at club meetings.

What happens with the money?

Club fees cover expenses such as:
  • Course improvements
  • Accountant fees
  • Liability Insurance
  • Disc golf promotional support

Additional needs will surely arise as we grow and other opportunities are exposed.  Some possible ideas involve organizing some club events that are exclusive for club members only.

Current Member List