March 2020 Update

Well, the season hasn’t quite gone the way any of us would have liked. So many events are canceled and for most people, our way of life has (hopefully temporarily) changed beyond imagination.

We recently released a schedule of events; we have lots of work days planned, a couple of club-run tournaments, and a weekly league.

At this time, we’re suspending club activities until further notice. We hope that we’ll be able to resume by the end of April.



We’re still working on adding pin positions at Shaver Park. Thanks to Nate Andrews who has donated his time and materials that will help enhance the course to a measure it hasn’t seen in a long while.


We are working with the city of Hiawatha to get a use agreement similar to the one we have with the city of Cedar Rapids. The city has asked that we help install new tee signs at the park and, with it, we have the opportunity to add a few extra pin positions throughout the course. We’re hoping to get things figured out this spring so we can get signs ordered this summer. Once pins are placed, the city have also given us permission to add mulch rings around all of the pin positions.


We are working with the Cedar Rapids Parks department to get the green light to make some adjustments to the course to use some of the land north of the pond. We’re excited about the opportunity to expand the course and make some improvements that will help add more variety to the course.


As of 3/24, we have 23 members and $3920 in funds. You can become a member by registering online at

We look forward to continuing with our planned schedule. We’ll update everyone again in April once new information is available.

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