February 2020 Update

Upcoming Meeting

Our next club meeting will be on Tuesday, March 10 at the public library. 
(UPDATE: We had to move the date from March 6 because of a conflict at the Library).

Have you seen the updates?

We updated our by-laws recently. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to read through those please do.  

Get your 2020 Membership

Club Memberships are ready to be renewed for 2020. Signing up for the club is easy. Information can be found on the club website (www.crmdg.com) and you can also sign up for the club at the Titan Disc Golf shop located at 710 J Ave NE.  

PDGA Membership Club Discount

The CRMDG Club is a PDGA Affiliate club.  Our club members can use a code when paying for your PDGA membership to get a $5 discount. After you’ve finalized your membership, feel free to contact any board member to get the code.

Members at Large

If you are interested in nominating someone or yourself to be a Board Member at Large; please email the board at board@crmdg.com. Club members will be voting on those nominees at the next meeting. Information on what it means to be a Board Member at Large can be found in the bylaws on the club website or the club Facebook page.  

Course Teams

You can also email the board if you are interested in joining one of the ‘Course Teams’. Course Teams will be working with the Course Director (Matt Hale) to make improvements to the local courses.

Club T-Shirts

The Board has discussed ordering Club T-Shirts at some point this summer. Members would be given the opportunity to order a T-Shirt if they are interested. We are asking for volunteers to design the 2020 CRMDGC T-Shirt. Please contact the board if you are interested in designing the shirt design.

Marion Parks Update

Members of the Board were able to sit down with Marion Parks Dept on February 5th. We met with the Deputy Director of the Parks Department. We were encouraged by the conversation we had with the Deputy Parks Director and one of the parks Maintenance Supervisors. We expect to have a use agreement in place soon. The use agreement would allow us to make improvements, etc to the course/grounds similar to the agreement we have with the Cedar Rapids parks department. Marion Parks appeared to be very excited about the opportunity to partner with the Club. We discussed a variety of ways that the Club can partner with the city to improve the park and maintain the aesthetics/safety of the course.  We are planning to meet with the Marion Parks board of directors in the near future.

There are exciting things happening in the Cedar Rapids Metro Area disc golf scene. Tell your friends about the club and get signed up. See you at the next meeting.  

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