May 2020 Update

Yesterday was supposed to be our quarterly club meeting… but with the Covid-19 messing up so many things, we decided to just give an update and ask for feedback.

Social Distancing

The Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha municipalities recently pulled the baskets to help enforce the governor’s orders to stay at home. It was an easy decision from their perspective as they have received many calls about groups of people playing on the courses and very rarely abiding by the 6-foot distancing rules set in place by the state.

We would like to encourage everyone to be aware of the social distancing rules and set good examples for other disc golfers to play only with a couple of friends or (even better) solo rounds for the next several weeks. Promoting mini events and bringing groups of players together in the same area is going to attract unwanted attention. The city is monitoring the traffic at the courses and we would appreciate everyone’s cooperation to prevent the baskets from getting pulled again in the future.


We would like to welcome Richard Roberts as the first Board Member at Large (BML). As a BML, Richard will work closely the board, assisting whenever possible. By being a BML, he will have the ability to become a full board member at the end of the year if voted in by club members.

Shaver Park Improvements

We’ve been able to make a few upgrades to the course at Shaver park recently and we have several more projects that could use some attention. Matt Hale (Course Director) has a list full of needs for all of the parks that we would love to get completed. If you’re interested in helping on some solo/small projects that Matt has on his list, please let us know. There’s plenty of work that can be done that will improve everyone’s experience.

We’re also working on getting a few more basket positions put in place so we can get signs ordered and installed. We believe that nothing is ever “final”. Just because a pin position is set and a sign is in place doesn’t mean that things can’t be changed. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and suggestions and try to make the course better as time time passes. We’re looking at additional ideas and plans for what we can do with the course over the next several years. So if you see something you like or something you think could be better, please let us know… getting feedback (praises and criticisms) makes a big difference.

Shawnee Park

The club board is ramping up design ideas and preparing to get things ready to run some mini events at Shawnee Park once the Covid-19 restrictions are loosened. We’re excited about the chance to get another course in the area.

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  1. Would be happy to lend a hand on some projects. I haven’t been in the disc golf community long but from what I’ve seen its something I want to more apart of and help in anyway I can. Appreciate all you guys do!

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